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About us

What we don’t do at Adaptability Clothing....

We don’t do buttons, fiddly fastenings, outsized or outdated designs!

What we do at Adaptability Clothing...

We make comfortable, classic clothes with neat Velcro closures that are discreetly invisible.

We believe that everyone should be able to dress with ease and comfort whether alone or with assistance. Colour, quality fabrics and a good fit are for everybody.

This range is the result of our personal experience of the challenges of dressing members of our own family. Our loved one’s difficulties ranged from arthritis to dementia. Getting dressed was a slow, distressing and often painful process.

Whatever the cause, many people struggle with traditional buttons and fastenings and may find their independence compromised by this problem. Independent and speedy dressing is so easy with these comfortable, colour-coordinated pieces.

For those who need help to dress our Assisted Dressing garments are easy to slip on, fasten securely, look smart and feel soft and comfortable. Classic stripes and plains combine to create a colourful, classic wardrobe suitable for easy dressing at home or assisted dressing in a care setting.

All of our garments wash and dry quickly and most need no ironing.